Actor Brian Gaskill defies Donald Trump

Actor Brian Gaskill defies Donald Trump
Actor Brian Gaskill defies Donald Trump

Actor Brian Gaskill defies Donald Trump

Actor Brian Gaskill defies Donald Trump by taking to social media to display how simply ridiculous and scary the prospect of Trump as President should be for all Americans.

Brian Gaskills acting credits 

The actor Brian Gaskill is best known for debut role on the Aaron Spelling prime time hit, “Models Inc.”  After “Models Inc.,” Gaskill headed to Pine Valley and ‘All My Children,’ to play the role of Bobby Warner.  Bobby Warner was  Cliff and Nina’s son and Palmer Courtland’s grandson.

His most noteworthy role was Rafe the Angel on ‘Port Charles.’   Howevermany folks remember him as Oscar from ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ and Dylan on ‘Guiding Light.’  We can’t forget his short stint on  ‘As the World Turns,’ as BJ as we are sure all the ATWT fans may remember.

Brian Gaskill Video’s on Facebook 

Well Brian has had enough and he speaks out today by putting up a short video of himself mocking Donald Trump and the ridiculous things he says.  Gaskill has posted frequently about his confusion over Trump supporters.  This short video illustrates his confusion he and Soap Opera Oracle hopes it will make people think. His second Video from today is even more powerful than the first.


Get a sneak peek at what is happening at Valley View:   If you don’t like ROMANCE and INTRIGUE this is not the place for you. If you do like romance and intrigue, ENJOY!!


Actor Brian Gaskill defies Donald Trump

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