Bold and Beautiful What if Hope came back

Bold and Beautiful What if Hope came back
Hope, Wyatt, Liam

Bold and Beautiful What if Hope came back

Bold and Beautiful What if Hope came back
Hope and Wyatt

Bold and Beautiful What if Hope came back?  Would it change things for Steffy and Liam’s?  Soap Opera Oracle believes it would.  Hope has always been Liam’s first love.  On top of that, Hope was Wyatt’s first wife and in fact, it was Wyatt’s baby that Hope lost.

What if Hope came back?

The first thing that would happen if Hope came back would be Liam telling Steffy they need to slow down.  He would stop her from moving into his house.  Wyatt would head right on over to Hope’s house to see how she is doing.

What would happen to Steffy?

She would be left scratching her head wondering what it is about Hope that Liam and Wyatt can’t resist? Why didn’t Hope come back for her mother’s wedding?  Will she come back now that her mother needs her?

Do the viewers want to see Hope come back even if she has to be recast so Steffy gets a bite of reality.


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Bold and Beautiful What if Hope came back

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  1. Bring hope back I’m so sick of steffy and bring in somebody new let there be two women that would put steffy on a ride she will never forget

  2. Yes please bring hope back the show is so boring all thus fake love going around let her and liam finally be together….. I would take a recast at this point. That character is so important to the show

  3. I stopped watching when Hope left and Ally was killed off. That show is nothing without the Hope and Liam love story. Hate Steffy with Liam. If Hope came back it would have to be the orginal actress.

  4. I really don’t want Steve to leave i love him he is such a great actor,
    he will be missed and where ever he is going next i do wish him Good Luck
    And i Hope he does Re-turn to the Show,

  5. Hope has been off the show for two years. Steffy has been married to Wyatt for months and not once did either Spencer think of Hope. Liam went to MC and was only hours from Hope in Milan and did not go and visit her. Nor did he think of her at all when his memories returned. So what if Hope was his first love? This is a soap, no one stays with their first love. Right now Steam are in love, and Hope is a non issue. There should not be a re-cast.

  6. Not only do I want Hope to come back, but leave Quinn alone. Went can’t she stay nice and happy. This show can’t leave couples together.

  7. Pls bring Hope back !!!! Finally Liam will run with Hope .
    No more games . Just finally they are together.
    It’s been boring with out Hope . I have sort of stop watching.!

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