Days of our Lives adorable couple

Chad tells Abigail a bedtime story

Days of our Lives adorable couple day on Days.

Days of our Lives adorable couple gave the fans a breath of fresh air today and they focused on young love, couples and growing relationships.  Some of the best recaps of today were Chad and Abigail.  When she awoke from her nightmare and he told her a bedtime story, it was absolutely adorable.

Days of our lives adorable couple
Abigail smiles as Chad tells her a bedtime story

The actors have great chemistry and it was fun to see them in that scene.  Is Chad and Abigail the favorite young couple on Days of our Lives now? So much could be written about this couple and how well their story has been handled.  The writers have pretty much guaranteed that the viewers will root for this couple because they have been through so much just to get to this point.  Also, the viewer knows that the true identity of the baby is still being withheld from his own parents.  In fact, this baby is actually Thomas Jack Deveraux DiMera and won’t it be a glorious day when that fact is finally brought to light?  Jennifer has already totally accepted Chad because he saved her daughter and grandson’s life.  There should be a happily ever after for this couple but will there be?  After all, this is a soap and does anybody ever get a happily ever after?

Days of our Lives adorable couple also gave us some JJ and Gabi action.

Days of our lives adorable couple
Gabi and JJ first kiss

The viewers got to see JJ & Gabi take their relationship to the next step today when they witnessed their tender first kiss.  Will JJ and Gabi be accepted as a couple?

Days of our lives adorable couple
Philip and Belle play HORSE

Days of our Lives adorable couple gave us a Philip and Belle reunion today. We watched Belle track down her ex husband Philip and witness the fact there is still a connection between the two of them.  The fans saw a softer side of Philip that he has been hiding since he has been back in Salem.  Are they going to be writing the fact that Philip is an ambutee in this story line? It as a big deal before the other Philip left the show but today he was playing basketball and walking around and jumping as if he had two natural legs.  The viewers have long memories and know that Philip was a war hero that lost his leg for his country.  That could also be part of the reason he has a chip on his shoulder if they write it back in.  Let’s hope the new writers did their homework.

Days of our Lives adorable couple
Brady and Theresa enjoying domestic bliss

Days of our Lives adorable couple gave the viewers a whopping amount of Theresa and Brady.  Theresa is showing Brady every single day that she is growing and maturing into a good mother and better person.  Brady came home to an almost totally unpacked house which she did while taking care of her infant son.  Her line about considering John and Marlena a convenience store was a real hoot.  Eric (Brady & Theresa) Jen have real chemistry and it is fun to watch Brady actually treating her like a human being instead of dirt for once.  Their love scenes today were done very tastefully, especially when they showed the shadows on the wall.

Who is your favorite young couple on Days of our Lives?


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  1. I just love the coupling of all three of these pairings. Please let someone be happy for a change. But…if I had to pick one, I love what’s happening between Theresa and Brady right now. I’m all about second chances!

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