Days of our Lives JJ and Paige

Days of our Lives JJ and Paige
JJ signals to Paige to hush
Days of our Lives JJ and Paige
Paige and Kyle upon entering Kyle’s apartment

Days of our Lives JJ and Paige

Day of our Lives JJ and Paige, are they heading for reconciliation?  Why did Paige not rat out JJ today when she entered Kyle’s apartment and found JJ standing there looking into Kyle’s safe?

Then on top of that she started making out with the guy so JJ could get out of the apartment without being seen.  Does Paige still have feelings for JJ?  If she is leaving the show, why are they going there?  Are the writers really going to make sure that JJ’s heart gets ripped out totally when he watches the love of his life die?  Rumor has it that they are killing Paige off.

Have the new writer’s decided to do something different?

days the death of Paige
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