Days of our Lives Spoiler Alert

Days of our Lives Spoiler Alert
Nicole tells Deimos that Chloe is having his baby

Days of our Lives Spoiler Alert

Days of our Lives Spoiler Alert
Deimos is deeply hurt

Days of our Lives Spoiler Alert lets Days of our Lives show us many things but begs the question, why did Nicole continuously refer to Chloe’s baby as Deimos son?  Did Soap Opera Oracle miss something?  When was the sex of the baby determined?

Has JJ cheated on Gabi opening the door for Gabi to walk away from JJ and straight into Chad’s arms?

Father and Son (Eddie & Dario) continue to grow closer.

The thing Paul has wanted more than anything else in this world is Sonny back and with Sonny obviously wanting that too, Paul is pushing him away with both hands, why?  The tug of war between those two hearts continues into next week.

What has Orpheus done with John?  The o-Man rears his strange and insidious self again by the end of this week.

Things start to go very bad for Theresa.  Her fairytale happily ever may be over forever.  After all, don’t all of Brady’s fiancés die or disappear?

Abe has a new/old life entering his hospital room.

Deimos isn’t about to let Nicole walk away after hiding the existence.  Nicole obviously still thinks that the baby has been spawned by Deimos.  The viewers should know that it has not.

Check out the REAL Vincent Irizarry in this short interview snippet.

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