Days of our Lives what is wrong with this picture?

Days of our Lives what is wrong with this picture?

Days of our Lives what is wrong with this picture?

Days of our Lives what is wrong with this picture?
Brady and Holly

Days of our Lives what is wrong with this picture? Yes, Soap Opera Oracle means this literally.  What is wrong with this picture.  Why is Days of our Lives using this new baby to play baby Holly?  Fans are used to soaps speeding up a babies age but making them younger is definitely a new stunt.

When was baby Holly born?

Baby Holly was born on December 21, 2016.  That makes her 6 months old now.  The baby they are showing with Nicole this week is much younger than 6 months old.  Why are they doing this?  Why are they reducing a babies age in stead of aging the baby?

Should Nicole or Chloe raise Holly?

Who do the viewers think should be the one to raise Holly?  Should it matter that Holly was not created from Chloe’s egg?  Chloe is the mother of Daniel’s son and she was married to Daniel. From all outward appearances she has been a good mother to Parker.  You know when she isn’t singing in nightclubs and having babies for other people. Yes, that was sarcasm.  In addition Nicole would die for Holly and she actually is her child.  Does that make Nicole a better choice as Holly’s mother?

Brady & Nicole

Would Brady & Nicole and Tate make a good family for Holly?  They look like a family but would that only last until Theresa came back into the picture?  We all know Theresa left to save her son and Brady.  Would Brady walk away from Nicole and Holly if he knew the truth about Theresa?

Is Nicole going to jail?

In conclusion, is Nicole going to go to jail and be in there for years?  Is this the way the soap is writing off her character for now?  Will Holly be raised by Chloe while Nicole is in jail?


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  1. Holly Should Stay With Nicole After All She Is Her Mother Not Chole She Dont Take Care Of Parker Her Parents Are Why She Not With Parker

  2. brady now loves nicole , theresa left him and made him think she did not want to be with him, i think he is over her, either way nicole is holly’s mother and she should be the one that gets her, besides i read in a spoiler that chloe goes to the judge and nicole and gets no jail time, next i hope she gives holly back

  3. Why they mess with age who knows. I’m going to miss Nicole. I’d love to see her stay marry Brady and raise Tate & Holly together.

  4. Okay so days is not on when there is tennis, when the President speaks , when they senate has inquisitions, when the weather turns bad, so do they ever show the episodes anywhere later? Also I was told that Days is going to be ending in the near future….Is this true ?

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