General Hospital Nelle Shocker coming

General Hospital Nelle Shocker coming
Nelle Hayes

General Hospital Nelle Shocker Coming

General Hospital Nelle shocker coming
Are Sonny and Carly done?

General Hospital Nelle shocker coming talks about where the soap is heading now. The soaper is working its way toward Nelle Hayes making her way into Sonny’s bed.  The story line has Nelle embedding herself so deeply in Sonny’s life.  The only place she hasn’t been yet is under his covers. Nelle Hayes is portrayed by actress Chloe Lanier.

Nelle’s connection to Carly

We already know that Nelle may have Carly’s blood running through her. That was proven when Nelle’s kidney was a match for Joss.

History repeats itself

Is History bound to repeat itself just like it did when Carly first came to town and slept with Bobbi’s husband?  Bobbi and Dr. Tony Jones were having marital problems and Carly moved right in on him.

Carly was a train wreck when she first showed up in Port Charles.  Imagine for one minute that your parents or adopted parents sold you for spare parts. Now imagine you discovered that you actually were adopted and the spare parts sold was for your blood half sister?  The child your mother kept and raised when she gave you away.  That could cause emotional scares that could last forever.

Strap in and get ready for heart breaking drama that is going to rock the Corinthos household.  If you thought Ava & Sonny was as bad as it gets, you ain’t seen nothing yet.


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General Hospital Nelle Shocker Coming

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  1. puke….remind me not to watch the carly redux…..couldn’t stand it when she did it with tony, and totally don’t like nelle, or sonny really, so don’t care

    at least i liked tony…so


    • That would be stupid and ugly for them to go that way.but soap opera are most of the time with the most ridiculous brains the wRitter.

  2. come on now Sonny and Nelle she is old enough to be his daughter .I think Nelle wants Sonny to kill Jax . Since he is responsible for her parents forcing her to have the kidney removed to save Jax’s daughter .

    • he is too old, i do agree…but it happens…

      there you go…

      and who knows what her agenda is, whatever it is, i totally don’t care……and hardly anyone else does either, but them

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