General Hospital unveils evil Nelle

General Hospital unveils evil Nelle
Evil Nell unveiled

General Hospital unveils evil Nelle

General Hospital unveils evil Nelle
Plain Jayne before she left Carly’s

First of all, General Hospital unveils evil Nelle the night before Thanksgiving.  The viewers watch while Nelle leaves Carly’s house to go and tell Sonny that she saw Carly & Jax kissing.

Unleash the devil

When Nelle delivers the kissing news to Sonny, it seems like she unleashed the devil in him.

Who is Nelle

Who is Nelle really?  Where did she come from?  How did Jax know that Nelle’s kidney could be a match for his daughter Josslyn?

Pushing away Morgan

When Morgan reached out and kissed Nelle she pushed him away as if she was repulsed.  Could this be because she suspected he was her brother?

Keeping her distance from Michael

Also in addition as Michael has neared starting a relationship with Nelle, she has kept him at arms length.

Even her appearance changed 

General Hospital unveils evil Nelle
Wavy hair, make up and black leather jacket

In conclusion, even her appearance changed from the time she left Carly’s and she arrived at Sonny’s including a curl in her hair.  As a result, the writers and directors give the viewers a visual of the change of character by the change in Nelle’s appearance. Therefore, who you the viewers think Nelle really is and where did she come from?

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General Hospital unveils evil Nelle
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