Jen Lilley out on Days

Jen Lilley out on Days
Jen Lilley

Jen Lilley out on Days

Breaking News:  Jen Lilley is out at Days of our Lives and several different publications are reporting that Lilley herself gave notice  few months ago that she was leaving.  Who could really blame her when they have basically turned her from bad girl to good Mom and fiance and put her on the back burner for new comer Summer and that contrived story line.

Jen Lilley out on Days in the fall.  Lilley is a wonderful actress and she will be missed.  Hopefully they will leave an opening for her to come back. Perhaps she will just disappear from the landscape for a while and return. Days are losing too many of their great younger actors.  This trend can’t continue for Days to remain on the air.

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Jen Lilley out on Days
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  1. The part was never well written for her talents. It’s too bad she didn’t come on later as an Abby recast. Maybe a Hope recast on Bold and the beautiful would be a better fit

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