Joseph Mascolo departs from Days

Joseph Mascolo departs Days
Joseph Mascolo final scene as Stefano DiMera

Joseph Mascolo departs from Days

Joseph Mascolo departs from Days of our Lives.  The man that played Stefano DiMera since January 18, 1982 exits for the last time.

Joseph Mascolo departs Days
Joseph Mascolo in his final scene with Kristian Alfonso

Rumor has it that Joseph Mascolo is leaving for health problems. Some of the papers are reporting that Mascolo is suffering from Alzheimer’s as well as having suffered a stroke last March which has made him lose the use of one of his legs.  They are also reporting that Mascolo is having trouble remembering his lines.

Joseph Mascolo departs from Days and whether these things are true or not, the fact is that Mascolo will be 87 years old on March 13, 2016.  At what point are our beloved soap stars allowed to retire?  Should they work until they actually perish?  We here at Soap Opera Oracle don’t think so.

Joseph Mascolo has certainly given Days of our Lives his very best for almost 4 decades.

Soap Opera Oracle wishes Joseph Mascolo a happy retirement full of peace and love.  Thank you for being the best villain with a love for family that Days of Our Lives has ever seen.


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  1. I didn’t think there were any tears left inside of me, but once again, I have been proven wrong!!! Dearest Joe, you have been the very best, worst vilian I have ever known!! I wish you only the best!!! Your departure from DAYS leaves almost nothing left!!!! Of course, you were killed off because Dena Higgley cannot write a story any other way! I am so very sad to see you go! I have loved you and Stephano for the better part of my life! At least they can’t take those wonderful memories away from us!!!! There simply are no words for the destruction that has been done to my former beloved show! It just hurts too much to talk about! Joe, you will always have a very special place in my heart!!!!! Broken Hearted

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