Michael Easton out at General Hospital

Michael Easton
Michael Easton out at General Hospital
Michael Easton

With Michael Easton out at General Hospital, does this mean he will be reprising his role as Tanner on Days of our Lives?

As General Hospital fans get ready to say goodbye to Easton while spoilers are claiming that his character Silas will leave in a body bag at the hands of Ava or Morgan, Soap Opera Oracle thinks that might not be the only exit available to Easton.

Why does Silas have to be the one that dies?  Perhaps Silas kills someone and leaves in handcuffs to spend the rest of his life in prison as an orderly in the prison clinic.  Silas could kill Ava for betraying their daughter (who is probably not Ava’s daughter) or he could kill Ava’s mother or Rick for hurting her.  Silas still feels guilty for the way things went down with Nina.  Nina truly is a victim for the past 20 or so years.  Maybe it is time to right those wrongs.


In any event, perhaps Silas dies, perhaps he doesn’t but does this mean that General Hospital’s loss will be Days of Our Lives gain? Who do you think Michael Easton will head back over to Days of Our Lives?


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  1. Did you ask to be let go? You are a great actor. I loved you as Silas and also as John McBain. I hope to see you again on another soap!

  2. I hate to see you leave General Hospital but you are so talented that it is time for you to head to primetime. I think you would be an awesome addition to Criminal Minds or any other drama series, wherever you go I will follow!!!!

  3. Thank you Micheal for doing such a remarkable job in all your rolls. I hope that you return to any soap soon! I have followed you since you were Caleb! Take care Michael! Beth

  4. would really love to see Michael Easton on prime time. I have always thought this and would love to see this now. Something like a detective show would be wonderful. Thank you Michael for everything you have done. I have followed your work since your Caleb days on Port Charles. Best of luck on any future work you do.

  5. I think it’s quite doubtful he would return to Days. Tanner Scofield was such small blip on the canvas and the character and the woman he left town with have no connection to anyone or anything in the current or returning character histories…unless of course they “Josh Taylor” him and cast him as a completely different character. Of course, if the rumors are true, he could return to be killed off by the “Big Murder Mystery” that will bump off a lot of beloved and returning beloved characters. Don’t get me wrong…I love Days but with their history of redoing iconic Salem history, I have this reoccurring nightmare with the return of Andre that they will be redoing the “Salem Stalker” storyline where “Marlena” killed everyone but she really wasn’t the killer and they really weren’t dead that sent Days from brilliant to well…flies having trouble landing on it….

  6. Michael watched you years started on One Live to Life as Jonn Mc Bain& GH as Silas broke my heart see them kill you off& Any plans returning any soap cuz if go another one differently would watch you Good at what do& Want thank you sending autograph photo & nice letter sent alone with you & made my day…

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