Nelle Benson story line takes another strange turn next week

Nelle Benson story line takes another strange turn next week
Nelle wakes up in bed with Sonny

Nelle Benson story line takes another strange turn next week

Nelle Benson story line takes another strange turn next week
A sorry Nelle with Carly

Nelle Benson story line takes another strong turn next week when she tells Sonny the truth.  If the viewer was paying attention way back to the night Nelle and Sonny spent together, they know there was never any sex.  Nelle cried her eyes out as she got into bed with Sonny that night.  She didn’t want to do what she was doing.  That was also at a time when the writers weren’t sure which way they were going with this story line.

Things that don’t make sense

This is a very sloppy story line as it makes absolutely no sense that a kidney that came from Nelle would be a blood type match for Carly & Jax’s daughter.  There would be a much better chance of blood type matching and no kidney rejection if they were blood related.  Frank Benson was Carly’s adoptive father and there were no blood ties unless of course there was.  We know that John Durant portrayed by Corbin Bernsen was Carly’s Dad briefly on the show or was he?  Is it possible that Frank Benson was really Carly’s father which would make Carly and Nelle sisters.  The thing we here at Soap Opera Oracle question is why Carly, Sonny, Bobbie, Michael and Jax on not questioning this.


Nelle looks just like Luke and Bobbie’s sister

We all know that Nelle looks just like Luke & Bobbi’s sister when she was young. After all, the part of their sister was played in black and white played by Chloe Lanier, the actress that is now portraying Nelle yet the soap has not addressed that.  That is what makes Soap Opera Oracle think there is still more to this than meets the eye.  Are the writers so desperate to get Michael a love interest that they are going to let this juicy possibility pass by?  Or will they have them get together only to later discover that Michael had been in a relationship with his Aunt?  Poor Michael is so unlucky in love and most of his women end up DEAD.



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  1. Well says part Carly and jax so did Carly and jax have any babys they lost to miscarraige then maybe Helena casadine dod her magic

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