New Spinelli makes his debut on General Hospital

New Spinelli makes his debut on General Hospital
The New Spinelli

New Spinelli makes his debut on General Hospital

New Spinelli makes his debut on General Hospital
Maxie’s Bridal Party

First of all, the new Spinelli makes his debut on General Hospital.  The actor Blake Berris who is best known as Nick Fallon on Days of our Lives premiers on General Hospital.

First scene with Maxie

So new Spinelli runs into Maxie at the airport.  Where was Georgie and why wasn’t she with her father?  Things that make you go hmmmmmmm.

Damian Spinelli

The character of Damian Spinelli has been portrayed by Bradford Anderson since its creation in 2006.  Bradford is a fan favorite which begs the question, how did Blake do on his first day?

Is this Permanent?

The role of Spinelli has been recurring so nothing is permanent.  What we can tell you is that actor Bradford Anderson penned a note to fans stating that him not being on soaper was his decision.  Bradford is currently filming a prime time role so there was scheduling conflicts.

Port Chuck

Bradford Anderson is also 1/4 of the band Port Chuck which travels around the country doing cover tunes for General Hospital fans. Because it consists of 4 prior members of General Hospital, the band is quite well loved.


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FAMILY HEALING from Australia to America:

Merle Haggard cancels spring concerts
Ashlee & Holly

After a summer of separation and homelessness because of a horrific attack on my daughters home and family, I am trying to raise funds to bring them home for a much needed vacation of healing.  I have not seen my 6 year old granddaughter since she was 1.  I can’t travel to Australia because my husband has medical issues.  Them coming here is the only way we will see them.  I started this Go Fund Me to help with the extraordinary expense.  I have been saving for over 1 year and at this rate, it will be several more years until I see them.  With your help I hope to have them here for Ashlee’s 16th birthday in October of 2017.

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  1. i so hope that he doesn’t stay….i didn’t really like nick, on days, i know he’s a new character and all that the actor…but i really do prefer the original, at least in spin…that is


  2. i have never been a spinelli fan at all ever but this spinelli i quite like -i can’t imagine the old spinelli would of been as great marrying naxie as this spinelli was. also love the new georgie.

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