Young and Restless Connor Newman

Young and Restless Connor Newman broke hearts
Young and Restless Connor Newman broke hearts

Young and Restless Connor Newman 

On the Young and Restless Connor Newman broke hearts all over the country last week in this scene.  Without saying a word, that little boy had viewers crying all over the country.

About the twins that play Connor Newman

The role of Connor Newman is portrayed by twins Gunner & Ryder Gadbois.  Those little boys sat so prim and proper at their make believe Daddy’s funeral last week.  It was breathtakingly sweet and sad all at the same time.  These little boys deserve a shout out and an Emmy nod for their acting or behavior skills last week.

Acting skills and non-verbal communication

These little boys have excellent acting skills and non-verbal communication skills that really shine through during their scenes.  This past week really stands out however as the viewers watched the little boy fix his tie and look up at his recently deceased father.

In Conclusion 

Young and Restless Connor Newman
Connor Newman sits quietly at his fathers funeral

In conclusion, the little guy sat quietly as each person spoke of his father and he did not move around but instead sat quietly in his seat with his hands folded in his lap.  He seemed to be listening intently to what was being said and it was heartbreaking to watch.   In addition, take a listen to the song that is a perfect fit for Chelsea and Adam below.


                                               Chelsea & Adams song – “Forever You, Forever Me”



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Young and Restless Connor Newman
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