Young and Restless Victor Newman tears

Young and Restless Victor Newman tears
Victor Newman crying

Young and Restless Victor Newman tears

Young and Restless Victor Newman tears.  Let’s talk about yesterday’s episode, you know, the, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” fantasy episode.  Of course in his fantasy Victor Newman left Genoa City obviously only after leaving his seed all over the Midwest because all of his children existed, he was just gone, walked out on them, a deadbeat Dad.  That was a strange choice for the writers.  Why not have him be dead because of an accident only after saving someone’s life?  Why a deadbeat Dad yet Newman enterprises still seemed to exist.

Young and Restless Victor Newman tears
Nikki the homeless drunk

So Nikki ended up a drunk with all of her kids walking away from her because she was such a lousy mother?  Why would that be any different than what has happened in their real life on the soap?  She has always had a drinking problem and her kids have never walked away from her or turned her away.  Also, Dylan still found his way to Genoa City and still became a cop yet Sharon was with Jack and not Dylan.  Why would Sharon be with Jack?  Why wouldn’t she be with Nick or Dylan?  I found that interesting that in Victor’s fantasy, Sharon would be Jack’s wife and Lily would be Nick’s 4th wife.

Young and Restless Victor Newman tears
Summer and her grandfather Victor

Soap Opera Oracle has a few things to say about this fantasy on the Young and Restless Victor Newman tears episode.  WHY would SUMMER go and visit him after what he did to her grandmother?  That made absolutely no sense.  Also, if Sharon was married to Jack, Phyllis  wouldn’t have been arguing with Sharon in the stairwell to fall down the stairs.

Also, we are to believe that Adam never got off the farm?  Why not?  Was it not smart enough to get scholarships to the Ivy League college he attended?  That was so bogus and so was Billy shooting him later.  What were the writers thinking with this ridiculous episode?

None of that made Soap Opera Oracle feel sorry for Victor.  However, Victor crying made Soap Opera Oracle feel sorry for Victor.  To see such a proud man cry was pretty tough to watch and kudos to Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) for the ending of that episode and the end of his conversation with Summer.   That was Emmy consideration material.


Get a sneak peek at what is happening at Valley View:   If you don’t like ROMANCE and INTRIGUE stay away.  You have been warned.



Young and Restless Victor Newman tears
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